Total Access Admin

Total Access Admin 1.0

Control and manage your AccessJet databases. Databases can be password protected
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Log User Connections to a Database
Record all the user connections so you can record when people enter and leave the database. The information is stored in a table in a separate log database.
Prevent New Connections to Your Microsoft Access Database

This great feature makes it easier than ever to prepare a database for backups, compact/repair, or other maintenance operations. Set at the Access/Jet database engine level, this option prevents new users from loading the database, giving you time to kick out the existing users. (This feature is supported in Jet 4.0 or later and is not available for Access 97 or earlier).
Automatically Disconnect Idle Users

When a user leaves their computer on with your Access or Jet/VB database open, it can be impossible to get the database closed for maintenance until you track them down. Use Total Access Admin to automatically log users out of a database after a specified period of inactivity. You can specify the number of seconds it should wait before logging out the user automatically. Compact Database When All Users Exit

If you'd like, when all the users exit the database, Total Access Admin can get a full lock and compact the database. This makes it easy to compact the database once everyone exits. Database compact is made with extra care to ensure that a successful copy is made before the original is replaced.

Other options include closing the database, displaying a message, and exiting Total Access Admin.
Identify Dropped or Suspect Connections

A dropped connection to an Access/Jet database can lead to database corruption. Total Access Admin identifies workstations or users who left the database in a suspect state. This can be invaluable for pinpointing a potential database corruption source.

Not only can you use the log file to store when this occurs, you can also have Total Access Admin automatically compact the database once a suspect connection is detected and everyone else has exited. These options are available:
* Identify Dropped or Suspect Connections to Microsoft Access databasesClose Total Access Admin’s connection to the database
* Display a notification on-screen
* Lockout new users, and logout idle users
* Lockout new users, logout idle users, then compact the database
* Exit Total Access Admin

Send Messages to Application Users

Use Total Access Admin to communicate in real time with your application users. Simply type in a message and it appears in every instance of your application. Great for sending update or maintenance/log-out messages.
Command Line Support

Total Access Admin can be launched from a command line, Windows shortcut, or batch file. The database name, login info, and all the interactive selections can be set from the command line to simplify repetitive tasks.
How it Works

Total Access Admin runs as a stand alone program. Install and run it from a machine that has a version of Access supporting the database formats desired. Point it to the databases you want to examine and the list of users is displayed. The databases can reside anywhere on your network that you have rights to see.

Total Access Admin can also be run from the command line with all the user interface options, making it easy to create a shortcut for regularly checked databases.
LACCDB and LDB Viewer

Technically, Total Access Admin is an LACCDB and LDB Viewer. When you open an Access Jet database (either ACCDB or MDB format), a lock file is created with a *.LACCDB or *.LDB extension. Total Access Admin lets you peek into these files to see who's currently using them. By monitoring them over time, it can determine when people leave, if they break their connections unexpectedly, and to prevent new users from opening the database.
100% Guaranteed

Total Access Admin is 100% guaranteed to pay for itself the first time you use it. Easily monitor and maintain Access/Jet Engine databases.

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